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Sinful Truth

Sinful Truth - Regina Cole 3.5 stars

This is one hot as in really steamy, short ready.

Bryerly is in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend of years. Rafe wasn't always like that, but something changed him. Rafe went from being a sweetheart and is now a total asshole. She wants out of the relationship, but he doesn't listen. He's that kind of sick jealous type of guy. Instead, he brings up all the reasons why she can't ever break up with him. She insists as to why giving each other time is a good thing, but that only gains her a slap that leaves her bottom lip bleeding. She can't wait to get home, when Rafe gets a call. He turns on the opposite direction, and next thing she knows, she's in the middle of the woods.

She stays in the car, just like Rafe instructs her to do if she knows what's best for her. Then, she hears a woman's shriek, a plead for help coming from the woods. She thinks better of it and heads in that direction, only to discover what she never should have.

She runs for her life, when suddenly someone she can't see grabs her and offers her protection as long as she's willing to pay his price. Uh-huh, imagine just what THAT price is! Mmm..hmmm, you got that right. What can she do given that is a life or death situation?

Verum is condemned for eternity, basically. He lied to save someone's life, and that got him to be cursed for eternity as the Truth Keeper. Can you believe that? Not only does he know everyone's truths, but he's an amazing lover. Let me tell you, Bryerly doesn't mind paying HIS price. Actually, she wants more once she has a taste of it.

This is a paranormal erotic romance, and that right there says it all. It is quite entertaining, and at times I thought, OMG this girl is going to... Come on Verum, do something! Overall, a very good, short and steamy read.