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Slow Surrender

Slow Surrender - Cecilia Tan Slow Surrender I loved this book! I think many would ask why? Others may say the story line is similar to 50 SoG. And I've read comments where some readers are upset this is yet another 3 books installment, which personally I'm not happy about either. Come on! How can a publisher do this? This book is AWESOME and it kills me to have to wait until next year for book 2.
The hero in this book is...well, my kind of hero. James is handsome (how can he not?), an alpha, filthy rich, super kinky in his own way, and guarded (you'll have to read the book to know why), and he's into Karina.
Karina is nothing like the women James is used to and vice versa. Karina is intrigued by James and never knew she had a kinky side until him. Gosh, the things he makes her do! The thing is she only does them for him. If he was any other man, she wouldn't think of doing any of it. In other words, the sex is off the charts! 
As expected, this ends in a cliffhanger and I'm anxious to know what happens next because what these two have is too special to let go.