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Passionately Yours

Passionately Yours - Cara Elliott This is the third installment of the Hellions of High Street by Cara Elliott.

Caroline Sloane finds herself once again face to face with Alec, otherwise known as Baron McClellan. They met each other during a house party in Scotland, where her sister Anna ended up marrying Devil Davenport. Despite their differences, Caro and Alec share quite a bit of the same interests, which is what pulls them together. Passionately Yours (Hellions of High Street, #3)Caro is in Bath with her mom taking the famous medicinal waters, and she turns out to be good friends with Isobel (Alec's sister). After a kidnapping attempt, Isobel is surprised when she finds out introductions aren't needed between Caro and Alec.

Isobel is in Bath, because she too is in need of the water there, and has no idea what her brother is doing in town. Meanwhile Caro knows Alec being in town isn't a coincidence. Her gut feeling tells her there's more to his story than he wants them to believe.

Little by little Caro discovers some of what's going on and starts putting the pieces together as best she can. The more she digs the more involved she becomes in the great scheme of things, and coming out unscathed isn't really an option.

Alec wants to keep his sister safe, and now Caro as well. No matter what he does, Caro isn't backing out. If that were his only problem he'd be able to better handle things, but it isn't. He finds himself falling for the Hellion and fighting his past demons.

My thoughts:

I liked Sinfully Yours more than this installment. There I said it. So, Caro is supposed to be THE hellion of THE hellions but honestly I didn't really see what made her a hellion other than she was a bit astute. Then again in looking at her and Isobel, Isobel seemed stronger than Caro. There was more talk about what made Caro a hellion than actually a show of what a hellion she actually was. Her unconventional upbringing by her long deceased father kept being mentioned, and was used as an excuse for certain things she said but not exactly anything she did (pretending to be Isobel and escaping her kidnappers doesn't make her a hellion in my eyes). I guess when I read the word hellion I was actually expecting more of Caro. She was supposed to be witty, and she could be at times, but in many instances it sounded forced. And like I said, again and again, there were explanations of what or why Caro and her sisters had been declared the Hellions of High Street, I felt like it was being shoved down my throat. I wanted to see more action, more of what really made her a hellion, unfortunately I didn't see it. Last, I thought that the end kind of dragged for too long.