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Ten Reasons To Stay

Ten Reasons To Stay - Sabrina Jeffries This was such a fun short read, I wish it would've been longer. It would've made for a wonderful full length novel, regardless it was a pretty good read.

Eliza is running away in the middle of the night when she stumbles upon the new owner of the horse she's about to steal/borrow. The hard headed man won't let her go, she offers to pay for the horse but he won't take her money. She is frustrated and given that the handsome stranger won't help her and every minute she spends with him is a minute lost, she decides to walk to her final destination. That is, if she can get out of the stables.

Colin doesn't believe a word she says and thinks her a thief. Soon after she explains she is simply borrowing his horse, he changes his mind and thinks she's a spoiled young woman into theatrics. He still doesn't believe a word that comes out of her mouth, and plans to return her to her family as soon as he can get her to tell him who she is and where she lives, which she doesn't offer up too easily, no matter his threats.

The attraction for each other is quite strong and in a matter of one night many naughty things happen in bed and in the closet. Come daylight Colin sets out to find out who the witty woman locked up in his closet is in the hope that he can still return it to her family. God knows he doesn't want to marry again, if only his body listened to reason. When he finds out Eliza's claims weren't that off, he changes his mind and comes up with a plan to keep her if she'd have him.

This was a short, funny, sweet, and at times steamy short read. I very much enjoyed it.