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Rebecca's Lost Journals, Volume 1: The Seduction

Rebecca's Lost Journals, Volume 1: The Seduction - Lisa Renee Jones I've been anxiously waiting for these series. Lisa Renee Jones first introduced her readers to If I Were You-- a super sexy story, where the whereabouts of Rebecca are unknown.

All there is left of Rebecca are the journals she kept. In these journals, she talks about her new life changing experiences with none other than her boss. The way Rebecca describes what's been happening to her, draws Sara in unti she can no longer pull back.

The Seduction is the first of the journals where Rebecca talks about the new man in her life and the things he's got her doing. Mark draws her into his very dark, very wicked world. He wants her, but he wants her to make sure that when she decides to be with him is because she really wants to be there. Once Rebecca steps into his world, she finds no way out.

Mark is this gorgeous Dom who always gets what he wants, so what's new right? Rebecca is new, that's what! And, he'd do anything (it's what it seems like) to keep her.

I love, love, love these series. I want them all to just be out already. The guessing is killing me, the suspense in it teases me, and the sex in it keeps me turning the page.


An Inside Out novella...

The secret life of Rebecca and the men who have seduced her.
These are the journals Sara never sees, but you the reader, will!

More details!

The journals read like stories and begin the first time Rebecca visits the gallery in the INSIDE OUT TRILOGY. You will meet Mark, Chris, Ava, Amanda, Ricco, and all the series characters as she does AND there are tons of clues to what happens in BEING ME in the first 4 serials. They are woven within the story ready for your discovery, as is Rebecca's dark, erotic journey.