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Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James One word...EXHILARATING

Christian Grey is one kinky fuckery domineering son of a gun. He's drop dead gorgeous, it should be a sin to look the way he does. If I recall correctly, Anastasia thinks of him as Croesus. Who would've thought there are two sides to him? (Well, actually I think there are more than just two sides to him.) There lies the problem.

Grey has everything going for him. Successful does not even begin to describe him, when it comes to business matters anyway. Ooh, but once he walks into his personal dominion...well it is a freaking, scary, pitch black, no way out tunnel. Not just everyone gets to see that side of Grey. Let's say only the "fortunate" ones (with a signed contract and a non disclosure agreement), who share the same dark passions he does, do. Grey is comfortable with his dark, yet exotic lifestyle; who can blame him if he thinks is normal? That is true until he crosses paths with Anastasia Steele.

Anastasia Steele is fifty shades of white. She's a saint compared to Grey. She's never had a relationship, not because she isn't pretty, or due to lack of guys. It simply boils down to: she hasn't met the right guy.

Anastasia is focused wrapping up her studies, and planning her near future, interviewing Grey really is a nuissance. She's got better things to do. But, from the moment she walks into his office, it's like an invisible yet tangible spell befalls them. That is where the journey into the unknown for both begins.

My, my, Grey has too many demons, and none can be easily rid off. The guy has issues, I mean REAL issues. Anastasia, on the other hand, besides her mom's marriages, doesn't have any baggage. She's a regular girl, who can't help herself in wanting to bring out the best in Grey.

In their unknown journey, it doesn't take long for Anastasia to fall head over heels for Grey. Grey doesn't know it, or doesn't want to admit it, but just as Anastasia, he's totally fallen for her.

Both Grey and Anastasia have many things to sort out to make their relationship work. They know being together may not be the best for both, yet the spell they're under makes it impossible for them to be apart.

Sometimes I didn't know if to like Grey or not. The guy is just too possessive. Then, let me not talk about his kinky fuckery ways; the playroom, and the role playing... well my jaw dropped, and my eyes popped when I read that part. It gave me goosebumps. I knew there was something dark about him, you know with the NDA, but when he shows her the playroom I didn't know what to think, other than the guy is MAD. "Girl, you better run while you still can." Don't get me wrong, the playroom is intimidating, but it didn't take me long to understand it wasn't "painfully" maddening, just kinky fuckery.

There are so many shades of Grey; he can be sweet, caring, loving, possesive, dominant, and the list goes on. In their email exchanges, he sounds like a guy, even I'd fall in love with. Yet, when they are face to face, his mood can shift at the drop of a hat. Talk about a stormy relationship! It's exhausting.

Grey is "fifty shades of f*cked up", and I quote, but when Anastasia leaves him, it awakens something in him, he never knew existed.

Dear Grey,
If I flunk my accounting mid-term this Saturday, you will be to blame for Sir. Because of your multiple personas, and kinky fuckery exhilariting reading, I've not studied one bit.

P.S. I'm still undecided on whether to like you or not. Sir.