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Fifty Shades Freed

Fifty Shades Freed  - E.L. James Truth and love prevail...

In Fifty Shades Freed, the remainder of Christian's dark and painful past comes to light. For a moment both Christian and Anastasia think the past is in the past and all but forgotten, which proves true while they're in their honeymoon but once they're back the real hard truth awaits them.

Christian and Anastasia have more fights or disagreements than usual, and they understand it kind of comes with the "newly married" package. Finding a middle ground is next to impossible. Christian still is a control freak. Anastasia demands her independence. Their troubles sum up to Christian keeping her in the dark of eminent danger, which only provokes Anastasia to challenge him. This continues to drive Christian nuts because his wife won't do as he asks, or makes promises she can't keep.

A disgruntled employee has a grudge against Christian, and now against Anastasia. The grudge isn't limited to simply pissing them off, it is rather harmful. Now add this to the already troubled couple, and a disaster is about to happen.

Christian's family can't thank Anastasia enough for the radical change in their son. It is clear to everyone that Ana has accomplished what no one has in 22 or so years. There's still that dark cloud lurking about Ana being a gold-digger, but soon it passes.

As if their coupling problems, a crazy disgruntled and revengeful employee, and Christian's self steem weren't enough, there comes the ex-submissives club, spear headed by the infamous Mrs. Robinson. Christian and Anastasia are faced with two choices: 1) Do their best, find a middle ground and make their marriage work, or 2) Give it all up, and walk away from each other for good.

I enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed books 1 and 2. There were times I wanted to scream "stop being childish!" at both, Christian and Ana. I could understand both characters point of view, Christian and his painful past, then Ana trying to understand and find the best way to manage things. It was charged with a lot of up and down emotions, which worked for the most part. Although there were parts that seemed a bit repetitive, like saying "what am I going to do with you Mrs. Grey?" Or, "I love you". That's actually one thing, I've never seen those three words in a book so much as in this book, it also goes for swear words. Overall, I did enjoy it, and it did have a satisfactory ending seeing Christian have what he thought he never could. Almost as if his soul had finally healed, albeit he's still kinky fuckery. That was nice.