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Can't Buy Me Love

Can't Buy Me Love - Maggie Marr Falling in love is easy, but not so much if you've fallen for your boss and your boss for you.

Cole Jackson has a cold head when it comes to business matters, he knows no mercy. As if that weren't enough he has a heart made of ice. The list of women he's dated goes on and on, and not one woman has been able to melt a bit of the ice that surrounds his heart. He's sorta sworn off marriage, yet he believes in true love. Sounds like a complicated man if you ask me, no?

Meg Parson is an ambitious career woman, very sharp, and goes thru some length of trouble trying to hide her beauty behind serious clothes. Her clothes aren't hedious, although Cole may think otherwise, but they're not flattering either. Meg's goal is to reach the top in the professional world. She wants people to see her for what she is, you know...her smart brain, her real worth-- not because of her beauty. She'd never have it said, she got to the top after sleeping with the boss. God knows she lived thru that with her mom. Marriage is not necessarily off her list, but it is not at the top either.

Cole gives in and recognizes he's developed feelings for her, and wants to send her thousands of miles away as soon as he gets the chance. He'd never mix business with pleasure, not if he can avoid it.

Meg tries to stay away from Cole and ignores the butterflies in her stomach every time she's in his proximity. I mean, come on! Meg's had a crush on him for three long years. Gotta give her credit, she's one tough cookie. If it'd been me in her position, I would've cracked, damn the consequences.

An unexpected turn of events sends them to an exotic place, where a battle of wills and truths unfolds. The Cinderella magic lasts until they're back to the real world, and are faced with harder truths, misunderstandings and decisions to make.

Can I just say, I wanted to beat the heck out of Fallon? How dare he try to prove something without all the facts? I wanted to scream! And then Cole too, he deserved a slap on each cheek.

I loved, loved, loved this story. I live in L.A. so it was easier to relate to some of the real places mentioned (as I've been there). Aside from that, I work in the Corporate world, and so the way the story developed and the characters' interactions were too close to home for me. A lot of real life scenarios. This is now in my fave of faves bookshelf.

I am now looking forward to Maggie's next release.