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Marooned with the Millionaire

Marooned with the Millionaire - Sandra Bunino Marooned in Miami wow'd me.

Jason Royce is anything any woman wants. He has the height, the built, the grace; he's got the looks, all right. As if that weren't enough, he's filthy rich. He's built a fortune off of Royce Homes, his own company.

Stephanie Thomas is a top notch pharmaceutical rep/agent. She has the height, gorgeous legs, she's sexy and classy; she's got not just the looks, but something else to her. Contrary to Jason, she's not rich. She works hard for her money and she's darn good at it.

Under any other circumstances, these two would probably never meet. Then again, leave it to destiny to bring two wounded souls together and strand them in a storm.

To anyone looking from the outside, Jay and Stef do not have anything in common; they couldn't be farther apart. Apparently, destiny has other plans in store.

In their seduction of each other (yes, seduction comes both ways) Jay and Stef soon discover, the one thing in common is their broken hearts as a result of their previous failed relationships. Stef was married to a jerk, and Jay was hanging out with a gold-digger. The only thing they want is a one night stand, oooh and they both get what they want. The one thing that never crosses their mind is that "one night" is not enough, and the real hunt begins.

My thoughts:
If you are anything like me, and mostly read historical and regency romance, and every now and then slide in a hot contemporary romance; trust me, this is an AWESOME treat.

The book cover looks extremely hot (if I had a hard copy, I'd be hiding it from my kids), and probably some people would think it full of other stuff. Oh my, I was absolutely surprised. The story completely grabbed me from the very first line, and I could not put it down. When I reached the last page, I couldn't believe there were no more pages to read.

In all honesty, it left me wanting more of Jay and Stef. Their story continues, and I now want to know what happens next. I knew I'd like this book, it never crossed my mind I'd like it as much as I did. Like I said, I'm "wow'd" by it.

"Undeniable lust and a fierce Miami storm bring sexy strangers together for a passion filled night. Stephanie decides a one night stand of no-strings-attached hot sex is what she needs for a clean break from the past. So why can’t she get Jason, and their night together, off her mind?"