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A Done Deal

A Done Deal - Jenna Bennett Rafe is that real bad boy no mother wants her girl around. I mean, he does deserve some of the bad rep that precedes him, he's no angel. But, I gotta give him credit because he ain't that "bad". To his defense, he's got reasons for having been bad, and he tries to be good. At least this time, he's on the right side of the court.

Savannah is not a prude, but cares too much about what her family thinks of her choices, especially her mom. Although, now that she recognizes her feelings for Rafe, she really can care less about what anyone thinks, her mom included.

Rafe is involved in an undercover operation, and Savannah is about to blow his cover. Except, she doesn't have a clue about the undercover operation happening right under her nose. To make matters even worst, she happens to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Anyone would think this mess started now, but truth be told, the mess they're in, has been that, a mess, for quite some time now. A dangerous mess at that!

As if trying hard NOT to get killed weren't enough, Rafe and Savannah have to deal with their feelings for each other.

Savannah must choose between what an all too "proper" southern belle would do vs. what a "true" southern belle should do.

Rafe must choose between the excitement of being undercover (well, it's not really like he's ever had a choice in the matter before now) vs. settling down and staying on the good side of the fence.

A Done Deal is an exciting read, with its chasing of clues, erroneous leads, and more. It made me want to grab Carmen by the hair (figuratively speaking of course-- LOL)and scream "THAT MAN IS MINE!". It also made me want to slap Rafe and say, "You can do all the undercover work you want, kill if you must (in self defense- mind you), BUT you CANNOT sleep with other women, all right, darlin!" I guess you may call me selfish because I don't like to share what's mine, HA!

A Done Deal will keep you turning the pages to see what happens next.