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Weekend Agreement

Weekend Agreement - Barbara  Wallace A proposition with a means to an end...

Daniel Moretti is a business man through and through. He doesn't beat around the bush, he chooses his prey, aims, and goes for the kill. Yup, that's Daniel for you.

Most view him as a cynic, not only in business matters but at heart as well. The thing is that such a label doesn't even begin to describe him.

Daniel comes upon a deal on a property that's three times worth its tag. All is great until Charlotte walks in his office demanding he hands the property back to her. The business man in him doesn't disappoint, and so he concedes provided Charlotte accepts his proposal.

Charlotte Doherty is a historian, and a recognized author. She's upset at the turn of events and the sale of the property she considers hers. She wants it back, no matter what. The one thing she never counts on is being talked into an almost indecent proposal. She finds herself against the wall (not literally) and has no choice but to accept, provided there are a few more clauses added to their agreement.

The agreement is signed, and so is their fate.

Daniel doesn't believe in love,really wants a fling, contrary to Charlotte; she isn't looking for anything, and even if she were, Daniel is not one she'd even consider.

Daniel's thoughts on the agreement are a means to an end, get her in his bed.

Charlotte's thoughts on the agreement are a means to an end, get what's hers back.

Daniel and Charlotte both have their faults, Daniel more so than Charlotte. It takes them a while to realize that their original pursuit is meaningless if it means they can't be together. And so the pursuit for each other's heart begins.

The witty conversation between Daniel and Charlotte is amusing. He thinks he's got it, oh but doesn't she too? I loved every time Daniel asked something, made a statement, only for Charlotte to come back with a retort putting him right in his place. Their back and forth was like watching a spectacular tennis match.

Weekend Agreement is a fun and sweet weekend read ;)