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True Connections

True Connections - Clarissa Yip True Connections blew me away...

Enemies turned lovers.

Lia is back home, the place she ran away from five years ago. She's on the run once more... the culprit? A darn guy on both counts.

Max is the boy next door, who... to Lia's surprise has turned into a handsome man with a name and wealth.

Lia's turned up just as successful. She's back with a business to her name. Broken hearted? Yes, but no one needs to know.

Lia and Max have known each other their entire lives. It's not as if they had a choice; their mothers, and grandmothers have been BFFs. Regardless, they are rivals who truly loathe each other, or so they want to think. Max knows she's back. Yet that changes nothing.

The last thing they want is to cross paths; it is better to ignore than to acknowledge. Then again, their scheming grandmammas have something else in mind altogether.

All it takes is one look, and the years of loathing go out the door. That is where their facade crumbles, and where the hunt for their true feelings begins.

True Connections is a fine short for a contemporary romance. It simply blew me away.

Book Overview:

"Lia McEvil is back in town, and Max is in trouble.

Max Sheraton and Lia McEvers have been rivals since childhood. Not even the kiss that chased Lia away could make them stop fighting. Now, five years later, Lia's back in her hometown of Grant to open a new branch of her matchmaking business, True Connections--and Max finds himself in the line of fire when their families conspire for Max to make a connection of his own. Under pressure from both their grandmothers, Lia and Max embark on a scheme to find Max a suitable match, but it doesn't take a compatibility profile to tell the real connection is between Max and Lia. Between sizzlingly hot kisses that turn into tempestuous fights, their attraction turns explosive enough to break down the antagonism between them.

But Lia has a secret that's chased her home...and that may be the one thing that can stop Lia and Max from making the true connection they so desperately crave.