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One Night to Fly

One Night to Fly - Gina Lamm One Night to Fly forever and a day...

Finding the right partner is harder than should be, especially in the case of Ginger and Baird.

Ginger leads a not so exciting life, yet she's perfectly happy. At least she'd like to think so, until her friend sets her up on a date. The one detail her dear friend leaves out is that it is a one night stand.

Baird has never found the right partner and when he meets Ginger, he's determined to show her what she's been missing out on. See, the thing is, Ginger balks when she finds out it's a one night stand, and naught more. BUT that is where he proves her wrong, and shows her the magic they can make together. Oh and what magic that is... Mmmm...mmmm.mmm

Baird is a naughty, naughty boy (man), but Ginger is no saint either. The story is written in a way that allows the reader (anyone like me) to make out a visual (in my mind of course), of what is happening. On this case many naughty things. Good naughty, mind you. It's too short a story, and a fast read, so I can't say much more. But truly it is imaginable / visually enjoyable.