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Taken by Storm

Taken by Storm - Kelli Maine Maddie is not exactly the girl next door. She's known MJ all her life. They grew up together and the unfortunate tricks life has thrown their way has brought them together.

Maddie is a few years older than MJ, and growing up MJ always saw her as a sister until one day Maddie decided that wasn't enough. Since, MJ hasn't been able to live without Maddie. She is everything to him. The same is true for Maddie. MJ is the man of her life but there are too many secrets surrounding him that are keeping her away from him.

Maddie was forced to leave his side and MJ can't understand why. The problem now is: she is back and MJ wants answers. He doesn't know if he can forgive her for walking out on him and the promises she made him almost two years ago.

Maddie knows being close to MJ is no good, not with the threats his grandfather has made to her if she doesn't leave again. Then, there is the almost fiance and the engagement ring she's been wearing in a necklace. She loves MJ, but with him comes too much trouble and she isn't sure about any happiness. Then there is Talan and the security he can provide for her. Last, there is her heart and what it tells her to do.

This was an emotional roller coaster. A lot of secrets surrounding the main characters, a lot of misunderstandings and fights.

MJ is the misunderstood type of bad boy, who iss good deep down but all the untold truths have hurt him and have made him the troubled young man he is. At times I thought he was too insecure but not necessarily childish, and I guess that work since he was supposed to be a 20 year old. As for Maddie, she kept reminding me of Megan Fox. The way the author described her, and her actions, I literally saw Megan acting it out. LOL

Overall, I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. I really want to see what's next in the series. Hopefully, a few years have passed and MJ and Maddie are older. Also, I now want to read the first two books in the series. I want to know more about Merrick and Rachael, their story sounds like my kind of read. Even though this is a series, this book can stands on its own.