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A Geek Girl's Guide to Murder

A Geek Girl's Guide to Murder - Julie Anne Lindsey 2.5 stars.
This is not a contemporary romance.
Too wordy but with some funny dialogue, just not that engaging.

Mia Connors is responsible for the IT department at Horseshoe Falls, a gated community for families but mainly retirees. She is also the CIO of her own company, which she started while still in high school trying to get her grandmother get over the passing of her husband. Little did she know her website experiment would become a huge success and make her and her grandmother millionaires.

Still, Mia is down to earth and so she works. Everything is right with her life until the day she gets called to work at the crack of dawn for an urgent meeting, which then leads to the murder of one of her best friends, and she becomes a suspect or sort of.

Jake, the new head of security in the community, has it out for Mia and won’t leave her alone. He gets on Mia’s nerves at every turn, until he determines she isn’t a suspect, but rather she is in danger herself.

His brother, Dan, is in charge of the investigation and interviewing everyone they come across to get to the bottom of it and eventually find the killer.

Meanwhile, Nate, Mia’s other best friend goes missing. Everyone thinks he’s either dead or he’s the murderer. It turns out Nate is only on the run and following Dan, the cop, who’s trying to find him. Nate hopes to find the real killer this way. Soon he meets with Mia, Jake finds them out and instead of turning him over to his brother Dan, Jake decides to give Nate and Mia the benefit of the doubt. Mia’s car and apartment get vandalized, which only makes her more determined to find who’s behind the phishing emails that are going out to the community with fake coupons, and which may lead her to Baxter’s killer.

There’s some dry humor in this book, but not enough to make it entertaining in a way of a page turner. The story has a great start, it keeps you guessing who killed Baxter, but it soon becomes predictable and it’s not a shock when you finally find out who did. Also, what is up with authors inserting some kind of drug and rape scenes in books nowadays? There’s no rape in this book, only a scene where the killer makes his intentions clear. Still. There are other ways (besides rape) to build the suspense. The characters are likable at first, but soon become annoying and not people you can relate to. Last, if you’re looking for a romance this isn’t a book for you. This is not a contemporary romance. It has zero romance in it. This is a good book for anyone who enjoys wordy, dry-humored contemporary mysteries.