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Immortal Love

Immortal Love - Danica Avet Immortal love is just that...a story of everlasting true love.

Roxana is an enforcer. She's not exactly a demigod, she's got magical powers, she's beautiful, and people fear her. No one wants to mess with her, god or not. She's given the task to find a godling, who happens to be Heracles' mortal son. She has about three days to find him and bring him to Olympus because while he's mortal now, in three days he will summon all his power (whether he wants it or not, knows it or not) and become immortal. The last thing she expects is to discover that the guy she had a mind blowing one night stand with is no other than the godling she's looking for. No wonder why he's by far the only "human" lover she's had that's put up with her and given her a night full of orgasms leaving her exhausted. Her bigger problem is he's about to be one of her bosses (if they make it to Olympus that is), and to top it all she has to keep him safe and sound. Hera (Zeus' wife) wants to kill him to teach Zeus a lesson. I tell you, Hera is the bitch in this story. Oh I hated her!!

Mason owns a bar, and from the moment he sets eyes on Roxana he falls head over heels. Then, as if dreams really come true, out of nowhere Roxana appears at his bar and seduces him. Obviously, he'd be stupid not to accept her invitation. He thinks that one good lay will be enough, but what their mind blowing night of sex proves is that there is no other woman for him. He sees her as "his" woman, and he's never letting her go. Regardless of what she thinks, she is his, in Mason's mind. Well, he doubts his initial thoughts once she tells him who she is, why she's there, and lamias go after them in an effort to kill him. He thinks he's having a nightmare, but no matter how much he pinches himself, the truth is he is living in the nightmare, and the nightmare is more real than he'd care to admit. He thinks she's looney, and even feels sorry (for a moment) that things between them won't work out, but more beasts appear and he realizes he's in for a ride, and that Roxana is as real as it gets.

OH.MY.GOD. I LOOOOOVED Mason. Roxana too, but I really fell for this hero. First off, what's not to like when on the very second chapter of a book there is a HOT sex scene, and from there on an action pack chapter after chapter. I couldn't put this book down. It was funny at times, hot and sexy as hot and sexy can be, there was quite a bit of action with all those monsters after them. The dialogue...goodness!! What I loved most about it was that neither the heroine or the hero were weak at any point. Yes, Roxana has powers, Mason doesn't until very late, regardless Mason's protectiveness and possessiveness of Roxana was excellent. It didn't even feel as "how will he do that if he's got no powers", they were equal in every sense.

Danica Avet is now one of my to go authors. That's all I'm sayin'.

Enforcer Roxana Love works for Olympus, Inc., the corporate face of the Greek pantheon, and knows better than to trust anyone in administration. Assigned to find and protect the newest member of Olympus, Inc., she figures it’ll be a grab and go job, until she discovers her assignment is the same man she slept with the night before. Keeping things professional will be near impossible when she can’t decide if she wants to kill or kiss him.

One night with Roxana isn’t enough for Mason Landry, despite how crazy she seems. However, he isn’t given much choice when he’s thrown through his window, attacked by mythical beings, and told he’s part-immortal. Roxana’s explanation is too fantastical to believe, but if it keeps him by her side, he’ll go along for the ride. Meeting gods and dodging monsters from lore is nothing compared to the fight he’ll have winning Roxana’s heart.(