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Touching Ghost

Touching Ghost - Regina Carlysle OMG...This is the first time I read Regina Carlysle and let me say, she keeps it as real as it gets.

This is another story in the series SEALs on Fire. I've read most of them, I think I may just have two more to read, but from all of the ones I've read, this is one of my favorite ones.

Ghost and his comrades are in town for a short break after a mission in the Middle East. He doesn't know how long he has to relax but plans to make the best of it. Like his other friends, he plans to have a good time both in and out of bed. The only thing is: he must see to a close friend first. As soon as he has dinner with her and bids her adieu he plans to join the rest of his friends at the bar and pick up any woman who wants to go home with him, no promises asked.

What he doesn't expect is for Sadie to look as good as she does. He's always had a thing for her but would never act on it because Sadie is a dear friend, for starters. Then, he feels she deserves someone better than him, someone that can give her what he can't promise her.

Sadie has had it. She's always had Ghost's attention but not the way she wants it. She wants to taste this man, she wants to know what is like to kiss him, be in his arms, she wants him. She no longer is the little girl she once was and it is now or never. So without a second thought, she kisses him. He can push her away, or he can give her the night she's dreamed of. To her surprise, Ghost doesn't push her away. Instead, he opens up and demands she give him more than she offers, consequences be damned.

I LOVED this story. The way Regina describes the characters' actions is just so darn real, it made think of...well...um, yeah. Anyway, in my opinion this is thus far the best story in these series. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to read more of Regina's work.