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A Riding Crop for Two

A Riding Crop for Two - Karyn Gerrard I first fell in love with Gideon in The Riding Crop. He’s a rascal in his own way and naughty as can be. The last thing he expected was to find someone just as naughty as he is. He’s not damaged goods, not exactly, but Olivia is. Olivia doesn’t trust men. In fact, she almost hates them and with reason. How can she not after what happened to her? Well, that all changes when she meets Gideon. They’re both each other’s perfect other halves. He understands and is compassionate about her past, and he can’t explain why he feels the way he does. He just wants to be with her, and no other woman will do.
Olivia never thought she’d ever have feelings for a man the way she does for Gideon and when he proposes to come away with him, she accepts against her better judgement.
Although, they’re a perfect match in bed (ooh yes, that’s where the riding crop comes into play) their love won’t be easy to keep. Not if they have to confront Gideon’s dad who wants him to marry someone from the ton and not someone with a past.
Gideon is faced with an ultimatum and is up to him to decide his faith. He can keep all he has, all that he is or he can give it all up for the love of Olivia.
For me, there’s always something about historicals/regencies (although this one doesn’t fall quite there but close) that enthralls me. Add to it erotic scenes and I won’t stop reading. In this story, Gideon becomes the hero that gives everything for love and in his own way rights a wrong for Olivia. He’s my kinda hero.