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Renegade Passion

Renegade Passion - Lisa Renee Jones This is a quick read, yet Lisa does a wonderful job of giving just enough details of the characters that it doesn't feel the story is in fact short.

Sonia always has dreams. Her dreams are more like visions of events about to occur. She thinks there is something wrong with her, and for a while she sees a therapist who puts her on some meds. Her dreams only get worst when she thinks her love of her life is dead. A couple of years go by, she stays on meds for a while but finally gives up. She admits to herself there is nothing wrong with her, so she goes about her life, until the women in her visions start to disappear. Then, she starts to befriend the women in an effort to save them from whatever bad thing is about to happen to them.

Kel still loves Sonia. If it hadn't been because of the darn experiment he'd be with her now, but instead he faked his own death to save her life. The last thing he expects is to see her again, but she's in trouble and he now needs to save her life for the second time. Explaining how is it that he's not dead is not an easy task, but asking her to forgive him for such a lie proves even harder.

Oh goodness! This is a short read, and it really is a prelude to the series. I loved all of the characters in this short installment. My complaint is, why is this so darn short???!!! I wanted more... hey, I guess I will have to get all the books in these series because if they're anything like this short read, then they'll be awesome.


Sonia' a gifted physic who finds herself seeing visions of the many women who have started disappearing around Vegas. Visions that have now put her on the radar of Adam Rain, a soldier who was part of an experiment that made him a super solider, powerful and dangerous. Adam wants to control the city. He wants to control her.

Kel is also one of those super soldiers, a part of the unit called the Renegades who fight to protect humanity. A soldier who once planned to call Sonia his wife, until an Area 51 experiment changed his life, his future, Sonia's future. But now she is in danger, and nothing, and no one, is going to hurt her. She is his passion, his desire, his heart.

The man she believes is dead.

*** You meet Damion in this story and The Danger that is Damion is out now as a full sized novel!***