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Valentine Submission

Valentine Submission - Sue Lyndon Let me start by saying, what a way to mend a broken heart!

Jack is done mourning the loss of his wife. He's ready to move on. He isn't looking for anyone really, he just knows it's time he moves on with his life.

Anne is broken hearted over her shitty ex-husband. Like Jack, she's ready to move on, but she's still putting back together the puzzle of her life.

Jack has always liked Anne, and Anne has always known the secret that makes Jack who he is. Well, all it takes is put them together in a room, and sparks IGNITE!

Yeah, Jack is a Dom...but goodness, the way Sue puts it in the story makes him more of an EXTRAORDINARY lover, with secrets up his sleeve. Oh yeah, he's a naughty, naughty boy. Anne isn't that naughty, but that's not to say she doesn't like being naughty.

Then, there is a playroom. When I read that, I automatically thought of Christian Grey's playroom (Fifty Shades of Grey)-- Me.Loves.Christian ;0)

This is too good a story and too short a read. I wanted more. One thing I can say is, I want to read more of Sue's work.

This was such a good read, I even feel guilty I got it for free.


He's the man of her dreams . . . and he's a Dom.

Desperate for some peace and quiet after an ugly divorce, Anne escapes to the beach for an impromptu vacation. But instead of r&r, she finds unexpected passion in the arms of a longtime friend, Jack, who happens to be a widowed Dom. Anne is open to his lifestyle and asks him to teach her submission. But when she realizes she's lost her heart to him, things get complicated. Not only is she due back at her job in two weeks, but she fears competing with the memory of Jack's wife. Maybe it's not meant to be.

Anne's sweet submissive nature brings the Dom in Jack to life, and he finds the first happiness he's known in a long time. He plans a special surprise for her in his playroom on Valentine's Day - only to discover she's left without saying goodbye. The chase is on. If Anne thought she could leave him that easily, she'd better think twice...