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Body Politics

Body Politics - Cara Bristol I really liked this book.
Let me start by saying Body Politics is one pretty hot enjoyable read. This is the first time I read Cara Bristol’s work and I have to say I’ll be going back for more.
Stephanie is a busy career woman and doesn’t think she needs a man to take care of her. Yeah, she gets the itch some times and would prefer something else– rather, someone else other than her boyfriend with batteries. However, in no way does that mean she’ll let a man take care of her. Oh, no. She doesn’t want that. It’s been a while, and her friend sets her up on a blind date with Mark DeLuca (turn the A/C on, would you?). Stephanie agrees only to prove her friend wrong, except Mark is not that easy a man to get rid off.
From the moment Stephanie walks in at Bottom’s Up (that’s the bar’s name), Mark knows she is the woman for him. Her defiance makes his hands itch with the urge of a good spanking. No matter what Stephanie tries to do to prove him she doesn’t need a man like him, he wants to show her why he’s exactly the man for her.
Stephanie doesn’t go down without a fight. The thought of being spanked so that she can be disciplined is beyond her. She thinks it’s ridiculous. She rather spank him than be the one spanked. Stephanie never expects to enjoy the spanking as much as she does and that worries her. How is she supposed to continue leading an organization that’s all about women’s rights, and completely the opposite to what she’s thoroughly enjoying? And, enjoy it she does.
Oh my! Well, I loved Mark. How couldn’t I? He’s so hot and sexy, and his spankings sound heavenly. I also enjoyed Stephanie’s I-can-do-it-myself-so-get-out-of-my-way attitude. I especially loved that. And then, the end… well, that was an unexpected suprise. I think if that little bit hadn’t been added (you’ll have to read it to know what I’m referring to) my rating wouldn’t have been as high. It gave me that aaww that’s original type of thought. I do have to say, I enjoy reading about spankings and all the delish naughtiness that comes with it. But this book gave me a different view into things, and I could totally relate to Stephanie’s feelings/thoughts about domestic discipline. Although I love reading these kinds of books, in real life I don’t know that I’d ever let dear husband try that. Hell no! Hey, if it ever came up I’d offer to discipline him instead. Ha!
I’d recommend this fun and sexy read to anyone looking for something different and original. I tell ya, it’s refreshing.