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Broken - Diane Alberts Love heals all wounds...

Matt is wounded not just physically, but emotionally. His wounds are not easy to heal. Truth be told, they may never heal; not unless he's willing to accept the new him, which of course he won't. Stubborn man!
Who can blame him? He's a top notch sniper, or he was anyway, who is now trying to get used to his new life. Add insult to injury, his so called fiancee walks out on him. So much for all her professed love.

Tiffany is a therapist, who is in need of therapy herself, possibly more so than her patients, but she will have none. Just as Matt, she is wounded both physically and emotionally. Her ex is a jackass, who's now serving some well deserved time behind bars.

Matt and Tiffany make a go for Madame Eve's 1 Night Stand. What could possibly go wrong? A meeting between two consenting adults, who agree to have a great time, no expectations, no strings attached. Sounds awesome, right? Yes and no.

The concept sounds terrific, yet the possibility of a one night stand becoming a love worth pursuing is another thing all together. They have two options: 1)Take everything the one night stand has to offer, and forget about it the next day. Or, 2)Take everything and more.

I loved it! It's a really short story, the kind of hot read, perfect for bed time. Right story length, pace, engaging characters and story line. Yes, it will leave you wanting more. It left me wanting to read it over again. It is that good.