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Reckless Runaway at the Racecourse

Reckless Runaway at the Racecourse - Ros Clarke As always with Ros Clarke's stories, there is decadent food involved. In this case there's quite a bit of cake, and NO is not what you think.

Having designer shoes, clothes, and bags, can be expensive-- especially if your budget tells you, you can't afford it. Yet against your better judgement you indulge yourself with wonderful designer stuff, even if it means you end with barely any money to pay your bills. Add to that "no permanent" job, just temping here and there some situation that is, right? This is Fliss' situation-- her almost non-existent budget doesn't agree with her expensive taste.

Then there is Luke. Contrary to Fliss, he's got millions, horses to train, and no time for anything outside of that. Of course, that is only true until he meets chaotic, fun, flight, sweet Fliss. She turns his world upside down.

The one thing I enjoy the most about reading Ros' stories is that she always adds decadent food in the mix (NOT in the way you think). The food in her stories is sorta like her signature, in my opinion.

Now I'm anxiously waiting for her next installment.


In a dramatic encounter at the racecourse Fliss Merrick erupts into the calm, orderly life of racehorse trainer, Luke Caldecott. While he attempts to hold her at arm's length, Fliss charms her way into his home and his heart. Now, if only he can work out how to persuade her to stay...