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The Tycoon’s Convenient Wife

The Tycoon’s Convenient Wife - Ros Clarke 15 years is a long time to be in love and stay in love. To me that is pure true love, don't you think?

Emily is a sweet country knockout of a girl, who despite having a college education, continues waiting tables at her friend's place. It's been 15 long years since the last time she laid eyes on her college crush. 15 long years since her heart was shattered. Her crush married someone else. Oh well, life went on, goes on, and she deals with it the best way she knows how. Doing nothing. No better job, money, or boyfriend prospects for that matter. There's one prospect, but he's kinda annoying...almost yucky. You know, the kind of guy you always roll your eyes at, and cringe just at the mention of his name.

Guy is not what he once was. He's filthy rich, but all the riches in the world will do nothing to give him the life he once craved. His biggest mistake was marrying who he thought was the love of his life. Little did he know he was marrying a witch for a wife. It serves him well, if you ask me.

He's now in the middle of a huge deal and needs help. The only one he can trust to help him is his long lost friend Emily. The question is, will she bother to even hear him out?

It doesn't take Guy a whole lot of trouble to find her. Emily can't believe his business proposal. Guy thinks everything will work out just fine, until he lays eyes on Emily once more. She's nothing like he remembers. Soon the lower parts of his body start doing all the thinking for him.

Emily is in shock when she realizes the feelings she once had for Guy, never left her heart. They only accumulated dust. Every minute she spends with him, the stronger her feelings are.

Guy on the other hand thinks if he can have her, all the sexual tension will go. Oh boy, is he wrong???

I truly enjoyed this story. Well, I pretty much enjoy everything Ros writes. One of the things I enjoy the most is when she includes food and how she describes it. It wets the reader's appetite. There wasn't a lot of food on this one, but the business dinner at the restaurant with the starter course was delightfully delicious, and quite funny.

This is a really sweet story about 2nd chances and true love. Truly enjoyable.

P.S. Dear Ros,
I'm really starting to think there might be a Chef in you. May I request another story about a Chef and all that delicious food?