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Divinely Ruined

Divinely Ruined - Diane Alberts This is Diane Alberts' best work yet.

I've read most of Diane's books, and I can tell you this one tops them all.

The heroine, Rebecca, has had it tough-- and I mean tough for quite a few years. Non existent family, a shitty job, jerks for boyfriends, and the list goes on. She believes in nothing, how can she not?

Out of nowhere someone comes to her rescue and she becomes an Angel. Except, she's an Angel like no other. Um, stop that thought. She's not THAT kind of Angel nor a Victoria's Secret Angel-- although, she totally meets the requirements in the looks' department. Her one and only requirement for being a full time Angel, is saving someone. The one thing she doesn't count on is falling head over heels for that someone. I mean, she totally could but she can't!

The hero, Tony, has had it rough-- as rough can get. As if that weren't enough, he's a single Dad. Imagine that! I thought this was sexy...a nice twist in a romance. He believes in nothing, how can he believe in anything good when only crap happens? He's in a bit of danger, and he doesn't know it. A quick decision can ruin his life forever. That is where Rebecca, the foulmouth, stubborn, beautiful Angel crosses his path.

The way in which Diane tells the story engaged me from the start. It totally sucked me in. The story is full of emotion, there's tragedy, and then there's love. I loved it when Tony and Rebecca got going on something they shouldn't have, it had me saying: "Oh you're such a bad Angel!", "No...don't go", "Please stay, no! Stop that!", "What are you waiting for? Just kiss...!" "Oh no...aawww, come on!"

Yes, I know that's a lot of !'s, but you ought to read it and then you'll know.

Last I found out today this is part of a trilogy. So now, like only Diane does, she's left me wanting more, and anxious for the next two. Diane, you must type faster. Maybe Sally can help? ;)

Super AWESOME MUST READ. You cannot miss it.


She finally meets a decent man–after she’s oath-bound never to touch men again!

Rebecca’s life sucked before she became an angel. Crappy apartment, awful jobs, abusive boyfriends–it was no wonder she jumped at the chance to escape it all and become a real live angel. The problem is Rebecca’s not very angelic, and she’ll have to do more to earn her wings than end her love affair with the word f–er, frick.

Especially when she’s assigned to save single father Tony Weis, whose less-than-pure thoughts wreak hell on a telepathic angel’s nerves. It’s all Rebecca can do to keep her hands off him…but when she loses her memory injuring herself to save Tony’s daughter, now it’s Tony’s turn to be her angel and care for her. But will Tony’s devotion tempt her from her angelic path, even if it means being human again