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Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire

Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire - Nina Croft Seduction is a one way street, no outlet...

Luc has the most bewitching eyes with a scar adorning his face, giving him a "don't you dare cross me" pirate kind of look, if you ask me. That God forsaken scar is the constant reminder of his turbulent past, and the revenge he'd put to rest long ago. Apparently life has other tricks in store, and revenge shows up in the flesh. Literally.

Lia is in trouble and at risk of losing everything she's got. Time is ticking. The only man that can possibly help her is nowhere to be found. She runs out of ideas, and decides to play her last card. Not a really smart card or move on her part. But, what's a girl to do if she's got nothing else? Right?

The card she plays, puts her right in the path of a man she's never even heard of, Luc (my pirate rogue looking guy). Most importantly, he's not even the man she's looking for. Unfortunately, he's the only man that can help her get what she needs. To prove it, Luc plays a card (what a trickster!) that she can't walk away from. His goal is obviously not the same as hers, except the tables are turned. Ah ha! This is when the "seducer" becomes the "seducee".

I enjoyed all the characters, but Luc most of all (hey, can't help it, I'm a girl who loves hot guys). His caring ways, possessiveness of what he considers his. He's a rogue, a gentleman all the same, oh and an amazing lover. He's got all the tricks (wink, wink).