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Uncross Your Heart

Uncross Your Heart - Taryn Elliott Taryn Elliott gives it all in her debut. Oh my, and how she does it!

Has there ever been a guy you never pay attention to? You never give him the time of day, even a second to look at, not even a thought, yet he's into you? Yes? This is the case with Nate (swoon) and Miranda.

Nathan Cross is the kind of hero I hadn't read in a very long time. How I missed it? Beats me. Let me just say he IS the real thing.

Nate is the all-American boy next door (in my view). He's funny, caring, loving, smart, looks to die for, an excellent lover (oh yes! I can't forget about that now, can I?), you name it, he's got it.

Then there is Miranda, who's sorta opposite to Nate, but only because she hides something. Her secret tries Nate's patience, and oh my goodness, I can't even say how patient he is. But that is what makes this a wonderful story. Nate's attitude towards Miranda makes their relationship come alive.

Nate wants all or nothing. Miranda wants it all too, but has a hard time giving in and giving it all. Heck, she made think: "if you don't want him, I'll take him!"

I love every single character in this book, they all add meaning to the story in their own way. To name a few: there is Tony, Nate's friend, he is hilarious and so in love with his wife. Then, there's Max, that guy cracks me up. He is so unique in his interactions, and so real I can picture him. Max is my second favorite, after Nate.

Then there's Nate's family, they're too special (think Irish/Italian and you'll know why I say that). They're what a family should be in my view, and that makes them so real in this story.

Now I can't forget about Leo, the ever so confident man with piercing blue eyes, who doesn't chase after the first time. Rumor has it, he's going DOWN in Taryn's upcoming work. I can't wait for that!

Taryn, you ROCK!