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The Devil to Pay

The Devil to Pay - Rachel Lyndhurst Let me start by saying that things get hot in the boardroom with The Devil To Pay...

Rianna is the most loving and caring young woman anyone has ever met. Her family is her priority above all things, even if that means she has to give up her dreams. Her family is going through a very hard time both emotionally and financially, and that forces her to have two jobs in order to make ends meet. Rianna starts her weekend job at the local grocery store, and wears someone else's name tag as hers isn't made yet, when she accidentally crosses paths with a man who first insults her, then apologizes when he realizes she's not a man, and who happens to be very, very handsome. Still, all his handsomeness doesn't make up for the arrogant ass he is, but surely that is the least of Rianna's worries, it's not like she'll ever see him again... yeah right!

Daniel Bracchi is handsome, filthy rich, and a pompous ass. (I don't care, I still love him and all his arrogance!)Being in town, looking after the issues with the quarry is really an inconvenience but he has no choice than to deal with it-- he wants to sell out. When he crosses paths with "Linda", he's very intrigued by the beautiful woman, and he's such a jerk that he figures why not have a little bit of fun while in town. The thing is that when he goes back to the grocery store and asks for "Linda", an old lady lets him into all the gossip. Daniel is a bit disappointed and never expects to lay eyes on her again, until she walks into his office. He can't put two and two together and has a hard time understanding how can the woman in his office be anything like the "Linda", the woman at the grocery, told him all about.

Daniel gives "Linda" a very hard time until he learns he has it all wrong, then he changes tactics, because after all he still wants to bed her.

The sexual tension between Rianna and Daniel grows. Rianna wants to save the quarry. Daniel is drawn in by how passionate she feels about it, he doesn't care much for the quarry but he's willing to give her anything if that means she'll eventually end up in his bed. The problem is, once he has a taste of Rianna, Daniel wants so much more.

Gods... one of my favorite scenes in this book is when Daniel starts going through Rianna's clothes in her beat up suitcase. That is hilarious! And another really hot scene is after dinner, when they're in Rianna's room and she tells him she's "changed her mind" OMG! Now that is such a nice twist, I loved it.

This is such a fun, sexy, fast read, I wanted more when I reached the end.


Rianna Peters is used to struggle. To support her family, she works as both accountant for the town quarry and clerk at the local grocery. Trapped in the small Welsh town, she wonders if love has passed her by. Then a disastrous encounter with a handsome Italian and a packet of washing powder fires her fantasies. However, her dream man has come to close the town's major employer, the money-losing quarry.

Mining CEO Daniel Bracchi is stunned to discover the clumsy but attractive store clerk in the quarry office. Although he's against mixing business with pleasure, the feisty Rianna intrigues him. Despite his feelings, his no-strings romantic approach and the town's potential destruction stand between them.

From green South Wales to glittering Portofino, they fight their attraction as Rianna's small town grit clashes with Daniel's privileged attitude. Between them lie secrets, a community's survival, and their own bruised hearts. Are the stakes too high for even love to overcome?