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The Riding Crop

The Riding Crop - Karyn Gerrard This one falls within my "perfect for bed time" category. It is a really short read, but goodness I couldn't get enough.

What surprised me was that for such a short read, the way the characters were described, their actions, and their dialogue did not leave me wishing they'd done or said something else, as it usually is the case with short reads. This one, left me craving for more because it was that good.

I can't really say more because I'd spoil it. All I can say is that there couldn't be a better match in characters than Gideon and Liv.

Dear Karyn,

You must write a sequel to their story. It's too great a story :)


Viscount Cravenwood, Gideon ‘Lord Craven’, Broyles, pursues his naughty, nocturne adventures in the secret, salacious underworld of the East-End of 1887 London. The sexy and dangerous viscount will try everything just to have any kind of emotional reaction.

Olivia Durham is known as ‘Mistress Birch’ at the infamous club, The Riding Crop. Wielding a crop of her own, she coolly dispenses lashings to her male, aristocratic clients. Her world is shaken when Lord Craven makes a shocking proposal.

Is it possible two emotionally closed off people can find intimacy? What lengths will they take?