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Call on Me

Call on Me - Roni Loren This was my first time reading Roni Loren, even though I've followed her on Twitter for like ever. I met her at RWA this past July and I felt horrible confessing I'd had her on my TBR for the past few years and I just hadn't gotten around to reading her work yet.

Roni was so gracious she decided to solve my problem and rectify the situation right there and then. She not only gifted me but also autographed a copy of Call on Me. Of course that only made me feel like the worse fan, because how dare I not read her before now? Right?

It took me a while to read Call on Me. It's a long book. But that's not the reason it took me a little longer to read it (I've just been busy with the day job). I have not read any of the books in the series, (obviously since I only got around to finally reading this); however, I was surprised to find I didn't have to. The book is the love story of Pike and Oakley. Although it seems that some of the characters from the previous books make an appearance, there's no need to read all the 7 books before this one. Geez, I do have a lot of catching up to do, don't I?

In Call on Me, Pike is the drummer of a band called Darkfall. He had a rough upbringing and has been estranged from his family for years. There are many things he can't forget and forgive and which made him who he is now. He's got everything he needs and he's not looking for love, but he's not running away from it either.

His friend talks him into doing some charity work for underprivileged kids. At first he's determined to decline the offer but then he recalls how people from this place helped him and his family, and so he accepts to help for the sake of giving back to the community and all that.

When Pike goes to see what he got himself into he is intrigued by Oakley. A woman with an unforgettable voice. What starts as harmless flirtation soon turns into something else. Oakley wants nothing to do with him. She has a daughter and truthfully, what guy would want to date someone who's got a kid? It turns out Pike doesn't mind her kid so much. He discovers Oakley's secret second job and just when she thinks he's going to turn away Pike tells her it actually turns him on. As they get to know each other they learn that what they thought mattered doesn't, not if means they can't be together.

This is a passionate read with three-dimensional characters. There aren't any lose ends. Roni does a fabulous job at tying everything together and answering all questions as the story progresses. The ending is more than satisfying. It makes you sad their story is over, yet you're happy about how it all was resolved.

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