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Snowflake Wishes

Snowflake Wishes - Maggie McGinnis This is a super cute Christmas novella. It's perfect for anyone who likes feel-good Hallmark like stories. Piper is not looking forward to the annual Christmas dance at Echo Lake. There've been 49 weddings that have been celebrated since the dance was first introduced and she doesn't plan to be # 50. Though her aunt and cousin may think otherwise.

Piper's plans for the night are ruined when her aunt gives her the perfect dress to wear for the dance. Guilt gets the better of her and so there goes Piper putting up her best face to endure all the single dances with the same guys she's been dancing with for the past 7 years. The truth is she's never gotten over Noah and how he left.

Noah returns to Echo Lake to check out a business venture. But he's uneasy because he's never forgotten Piper and it'd kill him to see that she's married and probably has like 6 kids.

But when his friend Luke tells him Piper is still single, Noah decides to get closure. When he dances with her at the event he realizes he's never gotten over her and he's willing to pick up where they left off but Piper doesn't want to risk it. She's worked too hard to move on and knows that giving him a day or two or giving him the chance he's asking for can only lead to a broken heart yet again.

Like I said, this reminded me of those Hallmark holiday movies. It's a clean romance with lots of of laughs. Yes. It's a bit predictable but still it's one I recommend for anyone who's in the mood for a holiday read. I promise you won't regret it.